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Whether it’s D8THC, CBD, HHC, CBN, or CBG RSO – at Herbal Society, we’ve got something for everyone! Born in the heart of Miami, FL, we pride ourselves on being America’s Premier Hemp Pharmacy! Discover our world of hemp today!

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Third Party Lab Tested D8THC RSO

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Quality D8THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, HHC RSO products! We test our extracts for potency and safety! Feel safe knowing Herbal Society sources the safest Hemp.

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Order with peace of mind - knowing that we take our customers concerns seriously! If you're unhappy with your order, then simply reach out to us - we'll make it right!

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We reply at all times of the day (or night) - Herbal Society's Customer Service Team is ALWAYS ready to assist you!

Hemp Derived - 100% Legal RSO

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Herbal Society uses 100% pure Hemp Plants for all of our products. Hemp-derived means legal, with no more than 0.3% Delta 9-THC.

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We give you cashback for every order you place, for signing up for an account, or simply visiting our site. Click to find out more!
Cannabinoid Science - D8THC SHOP

What We Do

Herbal Society consists of two passionate and hard-working cannabis enthusiasts, with years of experience in the medical marijuana and recreational cannabis industries. We craft potent – and medicinal  full spectrum cannabinoid blends – utilizing the diverse power of Rick Simpson Oil (known for a wide array of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and more!) – Our creations are affordable to the average consumer, and we love innovating new products for the advancement of RSO science!

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How We Craft Therapeutics

In mother nature, compounds other than CBD and THC play a role in producing targeted effects. Terpenes are one of many compounds which, when married with cannabinoids, are able to synergize and produce sativa or indica traits.

We at Herbal Society work hard to reintroduce terpenes derived from cannabis, hemp, and botanical sources – we also add minor cannabinoids, as well as more obscure compounds from full-spectrum RSO sources! Our eagle eye for these details ensures our products generate the most potent, medicinal, and long-lasting products that target specific ailments.

What we craft is unique. You won’t find anything else like it.

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Herbal Society - Lab Tech Holding Hemp Leaf at the Lab

Rick Simpson Oil is Our Specialty🍃

Full Spectrum RSO blends

herbal-society-scientist - rick-simpson-oil -rso-delta-8-rso-www.herbalsociety.shop
D8THC RSO - better known as "Delta 8 RSO" - is our top selling product. Many Customers find it useful for pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Rick Simpson Oil is a Cannabis oil recipe going all the way back to around the year 2000. It has existed before then, but the man that the oil is named after:”Rick Simpson” – has popularized it by bringing light on the subject. He set on a mission to heal his friends and family, and many of them claimed the RSO had helped them immensely. A documentary by the name: Run from the Cure – as well as a website: www.phoneixtears.com – has existed for many years now, and Rick Simpson is still involved in extracting Full Spectrum Cannabis Hemp oil – AKA RSO.

We’ve been inspired by Rick’s mission for many years now, which is why we created the best Delta 8 RSO in the market.

Sure, others may sell RSO, but we formulate specific ratios with added botanical ingredients such as terpenes, plant waxes, cannabinoids etc – to generate a STRONG entourage effect. But the best part of it all – is it’s affordable! Being that we view RSO as a medicine, we hold a strong and firm belief in providing this holistic medicine to people of all walks of life.

The feedback we’ve gotten from our Delta 8 RSO has been a source of great happiness for us, because it means thousands are healing from their pain. Whether it’s emotional pain, anxiety, physical pain like migraines or sore muscles – D8THC RSO always helps.

We craft different RSO blends using High CBD or CBG Full Spectrum Hemp Oil as a base for all of it’s full-entourage goodness… then we add in anything ranging from D8THC, HHC, CBN, Delta 10 THC, THCO, THCP and any upcoming cannabinoid! We also reintroduce minor hemp-derived and botanical terpenes, as well as esthers and plant waxes to tweak our blends. This way, they all produce different effects, different feelings, and different uses for different ailments.

Can I smoke Delta 8 RSO?

NO. We don’t recommend it because unlike THC distillates or CBD Isolates, Full Spectrum Oils like Delta 8 RSO contain a much wider range of plant waxes and fats – these compounds don’t taste very good when smoked or vaped.

How do I use Delta 8 RSO?

Delta 8 RSO can be used to cook into edibles, used to make your own tinctures, vape carts, or topicals.


Everyone LOVES D8THC RSO 🥰

Check out what our Loyal Customers have to say:

Ronald U. Cancer Survivor

I was first introduced to RSO in california. I was diagnosed with colon cancer at a young age, but luckily my brother (who passed away) was a grower and would extract it for me. The RSO didn't cure me but it did help with the side effects of chemo and other cancer drugs. I'm now in remission and use Herbal Society's Delta 8 RSO as a prevantive dose.. kind of like a vitamin supplement to keep the cancer away (hopefully).

Milly S. I have Epilepsy

I've had epilepsy my whole life and luckily my doctors have been able to keep them at bay with medication. But the meds have crappy side effects like anxiety and irritation, which the Delta 8 RSO treats exceptionally well.

Svetlana K. I suffer from Migraines

I love delta 8 rso. It helps my migraine pain, it allows me to enjoy life and live. I also love the staff at Herbal Society : )

    Meet the Squad!

    We're ALWAYS ready to help

    Eduardo - Granados - Herbal Society - Leader
    Eduardo J Granados - Founder and CEO of Herbal Society LLC
    Lab-Manager and CO-FOUNDER - Gabriel Calderon is a vital component of Herbal Society LLC
    Gabriel M Calderon - Co-Founder and Lab Manager
    Lead Customer Service - Marisol V, of Herbal Society LLC
    Marisol Valencia - Lead Customer Service Agent
    Blue Z. Herbal Society LLC - Queen of Customer Service
    Blue Z - Customer Service Agent/Shipping Logistics Lead

    Our Blog

    Learn about Cannabinoids... and more!

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    What people say about us

    D8THC Heals
    Mary L. Satisfied Customer

    Living with PTSD is tough, lots of unpleasant things come from it... like nightmares, insomnia, depression and anxiety. Delta 9 THC has always been hit or miss with me. Sometimes it'd make me paranoid, other times I was fine. CBD stuff helps during the day - but I needed something to help me sleep, and stay asleep without making me paranoid. That's when I found Delta 8 through Herbal Society. Not only are the prices cheap compared to dispensaries, delta 8 actually gets you medicated without all the negatives! It's done wonders for me, and I appreciate the whole staff for being so nice and kind to me. Despite their being many D8 companies, I'm loyal to Herbal Society for a reason : )

    Hemp Heals - D8THC Shop
    Victoria M. Satisfied Customer

    Regular Marijuana gives me anxiety, so what a blessing it was to discover Herbal Society and their Delta 8. Not only is everyone super nice, but the products really work for me. I suffer from endometriosis, and the symptoms from the disease, and the side effects from all the big pharma crap is overwhelming to me. Cannabis has always helped, but sometimes in the black market, I wouldn't be able to acquire the strains that really healed me. Medical Marijuana is great, but can sometimes be too expensive. This is where Delta 8 shines! Not only does it help with pain and all the other nasties, but it does it without triggering anxiety. And it's affordable!

      Based on 15 reviews
      Patresn Happy
      Patresn Happy
      The young lady Marisol who works there is so beautiful and kind. I’ve spoken to dispensary workers who always seem annoyed when I ask them questions and try hard to push me to buy something. But not Marisol, she takes her time and really listens to your problems. I think because of her caring nature, she was able to recommend me products that were very effective for my lupus. She mentioned how the RSO might be able to help me and it did. Thank you, Herbal Society and Marisol.
      Anna Maria
      Anna Maria
      The Vape I ordered arrived broken but they immediately sent out a new one and even threw in a free disty syringe for the trouble I went through.
      Konstantinos Ded
      Konstantinos Ded
      I’ve tried 3chi… snapdragon… koi and a bunch of random brands at smoke shops but none come close to the quality and customer service at herbal society. With herbal society, i can always afford to buy lots of products for a heavily discounted price compared to smoke shops. It’s been a godsend for me because of the affordability of medicating for cheap!
      Heiko Rudiger
      Heiko Rudiger
      Ordered a bunch of edibles online and they sent extra! Awesome ppl who work the
      mgv thilanka
      mgv thilanka
      You will definitely get the product you are looking for in the best quality from Herbal Society..You will receive a reliable service..
      King Garcia
      King Garcia
      I enjoy their products. There was an error in an order and they were quick to remedy the situation. I have nothing but nice things to say about these guys
      Juliette teyssier
      Juliette teyssier
      The most relaxed and friendly environment. Great quality products for affordable prices and if you’re nice you even get samples. I don’t know the lady’s name but she’s definitely as sweet as pie!
      Adriana Morales
      Adriana Morales
      I rarely leave reviews but I love this company. It’s ran by 2 of the nicest men I’ve ever met.. and my favorite are the infused cookies they sell. So strong and yummy. Can’t wait for y’all to get them gummies!
      Amelia Robinson
      Amelia Robinson
      Very inexpensive and potent carts. I also ordered a syringe that I used on a puffco peak pro : ) it was delicious and smoother than I was expecting!
      Mary Bourg
      Mary Bourg
      Amazing quality and customer service! I was also extremely impressed with the prices. Their value is unlike anything I've seen. They also sent a free little gift with my order. So sweet! I love the generosity and the heart of this company.

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      Shop Delta 8 RSO - D8THC Shop
      Experience the Full-Spectrum benefits of Delta 8 RSO - Lab Tested and filled with terpenes and minor cannabinoids that aid in the entourage effect! This could be useful for numerous ailments. Discover why Delta 8 RSO is our hottest product!
      Delta 8 RSO capsules for sale - D8THC Shop
      We craft Delta 8 RSO - based capsule blends, as well as pure D8THC formulas! Popping a capsule is not only convenient, but you avoid fatty/sugary foods - it's a stealthy way to medicate healthy! Oh, and capsule effects are long - lasting too!
      D8THC Shop - Delta 8 Tinctures
      ONLY $64.99! - ZEN BUNDLE is a TRIO of our Delta 8-THC TInctures - Formulated with Terpenes for Targeted Effects! We use cannabis, hemp, and botanical terpenes to generate a POTENT entourage effect within our Tinctures.
      d8thc shop - delta 8 - herbal society vape cartridge - d8thc vape cart
      Our D8THC Vape Carts come in 8+ strains, as well as in a 1ML ceramic cart. We engineer these babies with both botanical, AND hemp/cannabis derived terpenes. This enables a beautiful dank aroma/taste - with a potent entourage effect!
      Herbal Society LLC - D8THC SHOP - Dabbing Distillate Syringes
      Mega Sale on D8THC Distillate 1ML - Syringes - NOW ONLY $9.99! We formulate our distillate dabs with both botanical, as well as hemp/cannabis derived terpenes. Many have commented on the pleasant LOUD taste, and aroma of our D8 dabs. And for only $9.99 - AND a Satisfaction Guarantee - what do you have to lose? Try it out today, we got 9+ strains to choose from.
      D8THC Shop - Delta 8 Edibles (Hemp)
      Our RSO D8THC/CBD infused Rice Crispy Treats are a customer favorite! And now, they're only $7.99 for 118mgs of total cannabinoids! We got them in Fruity, Cinammon, and Chocolate Flavors! Most people experience POTENT EFFECTS at an affordable price.

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      HQ: 14020 Biscayne Blvd, Ste:514 North Miami, FL 33181

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